Monday, February 19, 2018

What does an Automotive Quality Engineer Do?

After completing my rotational program, I rolled into the role of Quality Engineer. My friends and the girls I mentor ask me all the time "what do you actually do besides run around like a crazy woman?" and thus the idea for this post was born. In a nutshell, my job is to ensure that the customer always receives parts that meet all of the specifications on their print and when they don't, figure out how to fix it so that should not happen again. While this sounds very simple, there are a lot of moving parts that make up ensuring that your plant meets the customer print when manufacturing a part. Check out the graphic below to see what I do and some facets of my day to day life.

Monday, February 12, 2018

2 of My Milwaukee Favorites

Moving to Milwaukee has been an adjustment for me. It is super cold as in 10 degree days are norm here and not an exception but the most surprising part for me is the astounding amount of snow  we get in one week. While learning to deal with the climate I am now calling home, I've found two places that I go pretty frequently and am starting to love. It's crazy how fast you can find somewhere that makes you feel like yourself and the people are kind and remind you of your friends from home. 

Milwaukee Art Museum

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I love love love museums. I go to one in each city I visit, eat lunch there from time to time, and attempt my hand at sketching. The Milwaukee Art Museum has a fine collection of art - including a Kehinde Wiley who painted Obama's presidential portrait and awesome Danish furniture but cool events like MAD - Museum after Dark, Naughty Bits Tours - tours of the museums more raunchy paintings, and Yoga at the Museum during the winter which I attend faithfully. I have a student membership and you can usually find me there for a couple of hours a weekend sketching in the galleries, trying to improve my abysmal sketching skills.

ZenZen Yoga Arts 

Theriz is a joy to learn from and the owner of Zen Zen Yoga Arts. I found out about her studio from Groupon, where I bought a two pack of the playshops the space hosts. In first playshop I attended, I was super nervous about all of the inversions but it was such a good workout and quite invigorating to be inverted. The second playshop was more of a blast as I started to feel much more comfortable in my inversions and my practice within the aerial hammock. As a girl who practices yoga and pilates pretty regularly, this type of class took me out of my comfort zone in a way that I can't help but to be addicted to now. I pretty much go every other week now and while I am sore after each class, I am amazed at what my body can do.

If you are ever in Milwaukee, check these two places out! I promise you won't regret it.

Monday, January 22, 2018

101 in 1001 Update - Jan 2018

Since moving to Milwaukee and starting my new job, I was able to cross off a few items and I wanted to share that progress here on the blog! It's been such a pleasure to decorate my new apartment and get settled into my new routine. Check out some of the newest items crossed off my list below.

Decorate a bookshelf full of my travel stuff and books.
I am almost done with filling these shelves with all of my travel souvenirs. I am hoping to get a few plants to add to this vignette and then I will consider it complete. For now, it makes me so happy to see all of these small things outside of their boxes and on display.
    Find a couch or chaise lounge that I love.
    I bought the Derry Couch from All Modern and I love it so much! At almost 6 feet, I can stretch out completely without bending my knees which is such a benefit. The silver velvet is super soft and while the couch is a bit firm, it is definitely comfortable enough for an afternoon nap. 

    Figure out how to store my makeup in a more cute way!
    With bins for things used all the time and cases for things used less frequently, I struck a balance between getting ready fast and having all of the things I love close and available. I grab one basket for getting ready for work, two baskets for getting ready to go out, and also the bag on the right if I want to do a full face.  I do not have to dig through all of the bins unless I have a really specific look I am going for like a purple cat eye or a deep vampy red lip.

    Do a sun salutation in the morning before work every day for a month.
    I find that getting straight out of bed, making up my bed fully, and doing a sun salutation is a nice way to fully awaken in the morning. As my job makes my day super hectic and full of problem solving, this bit of peace to start the day brings me so much joy. As I try to become a morning person (more on this soon!), a quick yoga practice  is definitely helping me to enjoy those first moments of the day and develop a routine that makes me want to rise early.

    Learn to make my own bagels.
    After seeing the recipe on Instagram, I made these greek yogurt bagels as they are yeast free and super quick. My favorite add-ins are cinnamon, ginger, and raisin or smoked cheese, spinach, and herbs. They bake up quite quickly and the recipe I linked makes two big bagels or 4 mini bagels or 1 monster bagel - choose your size according to how hungry you are.