Friday, May 31, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: Jonathan Adler Version

I have always loved loved loved Jonathan Adler from my first piece from Dwellings in State College. Ever since then, I visit his website from time to time and fall in love again. I have been looking for fun things for my apartment and my list from Favorite Things Friday fits the bill.

1. This couch would be perfect in my apartment! I love sectionals because I think they make for a more homey room. The Stockholm Navy and Pecan trim calls my name.

2. This canister is perfect to leave cookies on the counter for me. I love sweets and the jar might deter me from eating so many in a day.

3. This bed side lamp is perfect for my bedroom. It takes something silly like a giraffe and makes it so sophisticated.

4. This rug is perfect for waking up in the morning and burying your toes. I love the anchor and it comes in pink!

5. I love these chevron pillows! They really add a modern pop to your living room without breaking the bank.

6. I love this set of dishes for the kitchen. I guarantee that eating of these plates will put you in a better mood!

BONUS THING: I love this bow tie for the man in your life. My justification for shopping is that if you buy all these things, at least you bought him something too!

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