Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sauteed Kale with Chicken-Less Strips

I'm living at home now after a wonderful semester at school. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, that means that I can cook my own meals! I love to cook and I enjoy experimenting. Today, my mother and I went food shopping, which was her nightmare and my wildest dream. I got all sorts of goodies to cook up this week. While Mom was at work, I cooked up a simple lunch that took 10 minutes and was super healthy!

Sauteed Kale and Chicken-Less Strips

Ingredients Needed:
A handful or about 7 strips of Chicken-Less Strips (I prefer Quorn or any brand with no seasoning)
(*If making with chicken or turkey, pre-cook it or buy a rotisserie chicken and cut off the meat*)
About 5 cups of raw kale or half of a large bag of pre-washed Kale from Costco
Soul Seasoning or your favorite salt-free blend
A pinch of salt
A tablespoon of Garlic
A tablespoon of Olive Oil

1. Heat your pan on medium-high heat with the olive oil for about a minute.
2. Drop in the garlic and let it cook for a little bit or until the garlic is golden brown, infusing some flavor into the oil.
3. Throw the kale in the pan and sprinkle in some salt with a good handshake of spices.
4. Let that wilt down about half way and then throw the rest of the kale in there with some more spices. Kale cooks down to nothing, so I do it in batches to make things more manageable. The spices should be added each time to get the most flavor into the greens.
5. After all of the kale is cooked down, toss in the "meat". I put all of the cooked greens on one side of the pan and the meat on the other. Tilt the pan to let the sauce from the cooked greens coat the chicken and warm it up. I would also put a little seasoning on the meat and let that mingle more with the sauce too.
6. Leave the cooked meat in the pan for like 5 minutes until the meat is warm and coated in the sauce.
7. Enjoy!

Note: I am a vegetarian but this could easily be made with chicken or turkey for a quick lunch.
Second Note: I never exactly measure ingredients for recipes, so this allows you to be creative.

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