Friday, June 7, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: Food and Drink Version

I have been on a super healthy kick so far this summer. I am down four pounds! To do this, I didnt want to eat like super super strictly. I just eat natural foods without too many chemicals and a lot of protein. This items have gotten me through the week.

Favorite Foods Friday

1. Chobani Flips are literally the greatest thing ever! It's like dessert but way healthier. My absolute favorite is the Key Lime Crumble!

2. Caramel Rice Cakes help me make it through the car ride home. I eat them on my commute so that I do not stop for fast food. (I have been know to dip into a Taco Bell for a churro on the way home.)

3. Polar Seltzer is a dream. Polar is always coming out with fun flavors and my new favorite is blueberry. I drink it at work and the bubbles make it a fun alternative to plain water.

4. Sargento Light Cheese sticks are fun to play with and a delicious snack! I love to eat them after working out to get my protein levels up.

5. I know a lot of people disagree with diet soda but I love a can with dinner. It's nice to drink something with flavor that is not 100 calories for a small glass.

6. My dirty little secret is Skinny Cow Chocolate Bars! They are so good for a craving for Twix!

This week,  I made a picture but I didn't link these items but you can find them all at your local grocery store. Happy eating!

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