Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Lesson: Taking Chances

I am a very cautious person. I think it might be because I am the oldest child in my family or maybe because my mother always made me think before I did anything. Whatever it is, I am always thinking of the consequences before I do anything. As a college student, especially at school, things happen spur of the moment. My roommate and I were studying when she got a text about going to a formal at the house of one of her good friends. She decided brings me, we get all dolled up and go over to the formal. I ended up meeting some of my best friends this year there and my roommate is now one of my closest dearest friends.

I think a lot about if I hadn't taken that chance. If I stayed in my dorm room and studied rather than going to the formal, my sophomore year would be so different. I wouldn't have meet JM, DM, and JF. I would not have cooked weird Indian food dishes after finals, found a love for chocolate covered peanuts or taken long walks to discover plants at the Arboretum in the cold. They have truly enriched my school experience and I love them dearly for that.

My life lesson that I need to incorporate into my life more often is to take chances. Of course, I will always have responsibilities. But if I have finished my work or am just studying for something a couple weeks away, it makes sense to let myself live a little and try something new. After all, when you look back on your life, you won't remember all of the times you spent studying or working on little things or freaking out over bills to be paid but you will remember the crazy antics, late nights out or silly study breaks you took with friends. This summer, I am planning trips to places I haven't been, trying new foods and reading books I never usually pick up. I'll keep y'all updated on my application of my lesson.

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