Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Lesson Update: New York City Adventure

Sorry that this is so late but today, I went into the city for an adventure! I previously wrote a post about taking chances and this was sort of my little shell breaking experience. I always text Karen and say I will visit and then never do. (Bad Friend Status) I ended up with this Monday off and my friend Karen from high school invited me to see the Colbert Report with her! I'm really glad I went to see her, see the show and explore even though the weather was not the greatest. I finally met her boyfriend Billy and her best friend Lauren, which was so great. They are the sweetest people ever and they made me feel so comfortable even though I just met them. Karen's really happy and it made me happy to see her so happy. It was just a great big happiness circle. *cue the Don't Worry, Be Happy music* It was awesome and I have some pictures below of my adventure.

Dean and Deluca Coffee Break after the train ride in to regroup my thoughts.
Poetry on the Subway Car- Isn't that the niftiest thing?!?
Key Lime Sprinkles Cupcake- I finally got to go when in the city this time :]  
Sprinkles! I really love the store because it's adorable.  
View from under my umbrella today- it was so gross out but still gorgeous! 
Yummy Lunch at Spring on the UWS with my lovely friend Karen! This was to die for. I recommend like ten times over.
Colbert Report Tickets and Taping- You might see me tonight on the  episode- Dan Savage (author) is on it today!
Tips: Google Maps is your best friend and only friend. And NEVER underestimate the power of sitting down. It's the greatest feeling after sprinting and walking everywhere.

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