Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beauty LOVE: Favorite Wave Tutorials

My hair is about shoulder length when straight and a nightmare when curly. I really like to wear my hair in soft waves when it's colder out with a fun outfit. I have to practice with my shorter length hair before school starts and these tutorials taught me a better technique for this bob like thing on my head!

1. Gal Meets Glam has a great tutorial and it's so easy to follow!

2. For people who like waves but not washing, blowing dry, curling and setting, Southern Curls and Pearls has a great low heat wave style for you.

3. I really like this twist out video series by 101LadyT for when I wear my hair natural and twisted out. It's like waves for an afro and it looks fabulous!

Hopefully these help you create some awesome hair looks during the summer!

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