Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nerdy Inspiration: Animals Age Beautifully

Almost every morning, I read National Geographic's website to warm up my brain and look at pretty animals. This morning, this article really stuck me. I never really looked at how animals age. They all look pretty much the same unless they are smaller or have grey hair.  This article taught me how to identify how old animals are.
Nerdy Inspiration Animals Age Beautifully

This outfit was based on the timelessness of lions. They always look so fierce, even when old. Even though the article says that old lions have duller gray hair, I would not mind having a mane like that.

Nerdy Inspiration Animals Age Beauftully

This outfit is inspired by the orangutans mentioned in the article. Orangutans have a beautiful orangey coral red color on their bodies and I really liked the play of that. They are also always warm hence the sweater and jeans.

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