Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recipe: A Nutritious and Healthy Breakfast

During the summer months, I find it nearly impossible to get out of bed. The only good thing about mornings to me is caffeine and food. I always make a good breakfast for myself but this week, this simple breakfast has been on repeat. It's super simple and tasty. It also leaves me full for several hours in the morning, allowing me to get ready and get things done for the day.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Leftover veggies- in this case spinach
Green Tea

1. Wilt the spinach with a little olive oil and your choice of seasoning.
2. Scramble the eggs with your leftover veggies.
3. Scoop some plain greek yogurt into a ramekin and drizzle with honey.
4. Brew some tea and add a splash of honey.
5. Enjoy

Honey is really good for you! It helps with allergies and has a ton of vitamins. I love it in everything! spinach has a lot of minerals and eggs have a ton of protein. I love healthy breakfasts.

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