Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warm Finals Week Outfits

I've wanted to post a cute outfit post for a while but honestly I have been wearing the most boring things. Long sleeve shirt, sweater or quarter-zip, skinny jeans and some boots. It's so cold and windy here in Happy Valley that I can't wear anything adorable. Disclaimer: I did wear a dress yesterday with two pairs of leggings and another dress underneath a thick sweater. Sadly, it was too cold to take pictures outside. I might have blown away!

As I have said before, I tend to overdress. I think that overdressing helps me to do better on tests because I am in such a confident mood with my answers and that is always a good thing. I put together a couple of outfits that will make an appearance next week during my 4 finals.

Finals Week #1

Finals Week #1 by atwistofnerd 

This is an outfit that I would wear for my first final. It's comfy with lots of jewelry and texture to keep me warm and happy. Also, sparkly nails make everything better.

Finals Week # 2

Finals Week # 2 by atwistofnerd featuring equestrian tall boots
Inevitably, I end up with a final that I spent too much time cramming for and thus I throw on whatever is in my reach to wear to the exam. I normally rarely wear leggings as pants but during finals week, I wear whatever is most comfy to me. I also like a huge chunky sweater over leggings a more chic alternative to this problem. 

Finals Week #3

Finals Week #3 by atwistofnerd featuring American Eagle Outfitters

I love wearing layered button-downs and sweaters. It keeps me warm, it's basically like wearing a sweatshirt and everyone thinks you look nice. BAM!
Finals Week #4

Finals Week #4 by atwistofnerd featuring a white long sleeve shirt
I love wearing scarves with white shirts. The color just makes me so happy and it keeps me nice and toasty in the drafty library. Win win. 

Overall,  I think that finals week doesn't have to be sweatpants and hoodies. You can dress it up, be casual and still be comfortable. Good luck to all my friends taking finals this week! (You won't need it, though.)

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