Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fun Buys of the Week: Blue Mason Jars, White Cranberry- Strawberry Juice and Banana Bread Chips

Look! Brand New Blue Ball Canning Jars

For Ball's 100th anniversary, they put out blue mason jars that are absolutely adorable. The blue mason jars are part of the Hertiage Collection by Ball.  I had no idea until I bought one this weekend at Walmart among other things. (JF didn't have a bread pan- it was tragic so I bought him one for a $1.) I love drinking light lemonade with lots of ice or putting pretzels and m&ms in the jars. Something about the blue makes it extra special as compared to my clear mason jars. They are pretty inexpensive at 1.88 each for a jar at Walmart. Pick up a couple!

While you are at it, you should pick one of the best juice blends I have had in a while! The Ocean Spray White Cranberry Strawberry is delicious! It's super sweet, pink and delicious. I like it in a mason jar, with lots of ice to dilute the sweetness a little. I love this with something salty like pretzel thins or pita chips.

Lastly, I bought Stacy's Bake Shop Banana Bread and Vanilla Pound Cake Chips. They are delicious! I like them with a Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese or with jam. Either way, plain or with something, these chips are something I haven't ever had before. They are a little caloric for the amount you can eat but well worth it. I just run a little more when I eat 3 or 4 times the serving size.

The littlest things can make your week; Buying something new can be totally worth it.

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