Thursday, February 20, 2014

NSBE End Zone Summit: February 1st, 2013

This year, I am currently working towards increasing my influence in the NSBE community. Our chapter traveled to West Virginia University to attend the End Zone Summit. The End Zone consists of at least 5 schools: Penn State, West Virginia, Bucknell, CMU and Pitt.  I have been helping to plan this conference so it was really nice to see the final product!

We got there and had a nice breakfast of Panera Bread! We then had a speaker from WVU speak to us about the opportunities for black engineers in the future and we went to the first round of workshops.

I gave a seminar on stress management.. My main points were to schedule your time effectively, exercise and remind yourself of why you have this stress in your life- what is your goals? Everyone really seemed to love my seminar and I was so grateful to practice my presentation skills once again. I would love to give more presentations to my NSBE family because they were a great audience.
There were many opportunities and workshops for all the the participants. Above, I am in a workshop about the Transition. The point of the workshop was to really understand what employers and you want from your full time job search. I really enjoyed the activity. We had to list all of the qualities we wanted in a person who would be our business partner and that was really what we should expect from ourselves. It was really nifty way to think of things.

We also went on a PRT tour of WVU. The PRT is Personal Rapid Transit between the multiple campuses and downtown area of Morgantown. It does not interrupt the natural transportation of the area which makes it very unique. It was really awesome to see something like that because there are only 5 systems in the world like it! 

Overall, my chapter had a great time and I am so excited to go the next one, next year in the fall! 

P.S. Hopefully, I'll be End Zone Coordinator by then!

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