Friday, March 14, 2014

NYC Spring Break

One of my very good friends from high school, KN, lives in the city and I missed her dearly. I had no plans for spring break so I went to visit her, see some museums and eat a ton of good food. It was a perfect day to start a week of studying and work. I took the train into the city with some interesting characters, ate some Trader Joe's Caramel Waffles and read my notes for one of my classes. I took the subway to KN's and the day got started. 

We sat in her apartment for a little while so that KN could get ready. Her dog walker came to walk Tyco and we left to get Shack Shack. I had never been there before and KN loves it so I was in for a treat!

The Shake Shack was delicious. I had a Shroom Burger and a caramel shake that was to die for. I stole some of KN's fries. We scarfed down the burgers and went walking to the museums with our shakes. As full as we were, we tried to get all the goodness out of those cups before entering the museum. 

In front of the museum, there is a huge statue of Teddy Roosevelt. I loved it! It looks so commanding. We got into the museum and KN is a member of the museum so I got in for free! (THANKS AGAIN!). We got tickets to see the new planetarium show Dark Universe by Neil Tyson Degrasse. GO SEE THE SHOW. It was really fun and it really put everything I know about outer space into perspective. We wandered through the halls, looking at everything and gabbing as per usual. 

 We went to the newest exhibit called The Power of Poison. It was awesome. I loved the mysteries of nature and history. All of the props were tastefully done and so cool to analyze the "cases" within the exhibit. I also loved the movie on the myth of the poisonous newt and the way they set the whole exhibit up from the fonts to the pictures used. KN and I loved that they projected a short film on clay pots and it looked awesome. I would love to do that in a house for a movie night. I loved loved loved loved the Gem Exhibit. It was so pretty. 

All of the gems were neatly arranged and that made my heart so happy. I also love chemical formulas so it was just awesome to see that the elements on Earth can form so many different structures. (NERDY, I KNOW)

One of my favorite exhibits was the African People's exhibit. It looks awesome and the way the native people dress has always fascinated me. KN loved this man's outfit. Isn't she adorable?!?

The last exhibit we went through was the dinosaurs and ancient mammals. WOW. I never felt this small in my life. In the back of the area, there was this little look out room. The view of the city from that room was incredible. Please make sure if you visit that you see it. It makes you feel so small and so humbled to be in such a great city. 


After the museum, we went back to KN's where she packed for her business trip and I went up to the roof and drank my Starbucks. It was so relaxing in the middle of the day and the view was so beautiful. I live with all trees and animals in State College so buildings and skylines make me melt.

I also played with Tyco for a bit. He loves his belly being rubbed and just being loved in general. 
We (Tyco and I) went back inside and listen to Stromae (post coming up soon about my love for him) and cuddled on the couch. This dog is such a sweetie. I cannot even handle the adorableness. 

After this downtime, we went down to the West Village. KN and I just wandered through stores and eventually got dinner at a french shop called Bosie Tea Parlour. It was a nice place to have a little dinner and gab even more. 

We then met up with KN's friends from work and got cupcakes from Molly's. Both guys were really nice even though I didn't get to spend too much time with them. I don't stay too late in the city when my mom is picking me up at the train. I hope to see them again sometime in the future though because they were characters. The cupcakes at Molly's were delicious and I'm glad I let KN pick where we got dessert. I wanted Crumbs or Magnolia Cupcakes but I will try those sometime in the future but I don't think they will compare... :] 

After a hug and a dash to the subway, I was on my way home to my family. The brown bag is full of cupcakes for my family because they are awesome and deserve them, even my stinky sister. I looked down at my feet which were hurting from all the walking and snapped this picture. I love my little "ruby slippers" that took me on a long journey that day. I got on the train home and met my mom at the station. It was a lovely day, full of adventure and friendship. I can't wait to see KN sometime this summer either in NYC, Boulder, or San Francisco. 

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