Monday, May 5, 2014

Finals Week

My sweet little set up for this weekend of intense studying!
It's finals week here at Penn State! I'm super nervous yet happy at the same time. I love learning all this new material and this semester has taught me so much but at the same time, the pressure is crazy to do well. I've hauled up in the engineering building to get this last minute studying in and kick these tests' behinds! I'm also sad to see some of my good friends leave school but I am so excited for summer to start! It's just a paradox of emotions going in me right now. 

My main advice for finals week to: Study the best way for you. I like to write all the exam material over again and listen to my recorded lectures on my iPad. I also need to study by myself until I know 85% of the material or I will just talk for days with friends. I also bring dark chocolate, Polar Seltzer (my favorite - so many flavors) and headphones to drown out all the noise around me. My favorite artists to listen to while studying are John Legend, Miguel and Stromae. Whatever works best for you, do it and don't do what other people say will helps them unless you know your learning style is compatible with it. It's most important for you to retain that information and kill those finals! Good Luck :] 

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