Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old Navy Pixie Pants Review

After buying many pairs of Pixie Pants and having the sizing be all wrong, I'm happy to report the final pants I ended up with are the Length wise, they are perfect ankle pants in the size range that is necessary for you- I wear a Tall because I am 5'10". Fit wise, I wanted mine to be tighter and stretch out as I wear them rather than looser and too big later on so I went with a 4 and not a 6. The 2 fits like leggings. The fabric is stretchy and comfy to wear. The only complaint I have is with the two clasps in the front. My clasps popped out while trying them on at home and I had to superglue them back on. I suggest you to super glue the clasps for safety and stability. If they come off, not having them makes the front pop out without them.  The pants were too perfect not to keep! 

As you can see in the picture below(sorry for the mirror selfie), they work perfectly for a night out or for work - if you have a more casual environment or depending on how you dress them up for work. I like them with a blouse (I like everything with a blouse) but I could wear them with a t-shirt or with a buttondown shirt. I suggest snagging them on sale online or in the store if you are of a regular height. You won't regret it! (I also got tan and red. I'll post outfit pictures when  I finally wear the other colors.)

P.S. Happy Birthday to KW!

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