Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Style Influence: Pippa Middleton

Equally as fashionable as her older sister, Pippa Middleton shines in what she wears to the office, out to a charity banquet or on a casual day of shopping. Where she differs from her sister is that she takes more risks while maintaining a classic style. There are three main things I love about her style.
She loves a good handbag.
One of Pippa's style hallmarks is her use of the Modalu Pippa Bag. She has it multiple colors and uses it to carry her things for work. I love that she's found something that works perfectly for her lifestyle and unabashedly has 3 or 4 bags in the same style that she uses frequently. 
Takeaway: Find something you love and buy multiple. 

She sticks with what works for her - classic, slim cut pieces. 
In every picture I find of Pippa, she always has on something that fits her well. Speaking from my experience, wearing things that fit you right require a good knowledge of your body and an excellent tailor. Another thing about her is that she always shows off her legs. She runs/bikes/exercises a lot and she definitely shows that off. 
Takeaway: Things that skim the body look much better than things that are too big and loose or too tight and cutting.  

She matches very well. 
I always love that Pippa wears things that match very well. She seems to know how to buy something from two different stores, times in life or even just item types and have it match. It makes her look very effortless. 
Takeaway: Buying things in the same color family allows you to mix and match effortlessly. 

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