Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th Outfit Options

Need outfit ideas for the Fourth of July? I tend to stick with pretty plain things in patriotic colors. 
On the Thursday before the Fourth, I wanted to wear something patriotic without overdoing it for a relaxing afternoon in the city. I figured khakis and a striped shirt is the perfect way to add some America pride. 

On the Fourth, I am wearing this striped dress with a red bow and wedges for a little height. I will wear some navy blue jewelry to complete the outfit. It's simple and the stripes are a nod to the actual American flag. 

For Saturday, I wanted to wear something fun for possibly beach and bbq time. I figured white jeans, a cool t-shirt and wedges would be a simple way to show some spirit and keep cute. Hopefully, I can keep my jeans clean!

Lastly, Sunday is an ambiguous day, usually made of plans on the fly. I figured a sundress could work for church, walking around or reading in the park.


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