Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Museums, Yoga and Cape Cod

This weekend was a great one. I cannot say I have had a dull moment in Boston at all this summer and this weekend just knocked it out the park. Friday, I worked half a day and then went to the MFA for the rest of the day. When you buy a regular priced admission ticket, it lets you go twice within a 10 day period. I think it makes it a great deal - $25 for two visits!

I really wanted to see the Wyeth exhibit as well as the Samba exhibit. Wyeth has such an interesting view on life and seeing his work really impacted me. I love this image of these young black girls that he painted. The difference in hair is supposed to represent wild vs tamed. In the Samba exhibit, I saw this Latin American art that is really just starting to be curated by museums. I am interested to see how the collection grows in the museum. I also just had a good time looking through more of the Art of Americas and Europe.

 After the museum, I found a Blick and picked up more Le Pens. I love those things! After a little art supply shopping, I went and met my friends from High school who were in Boston at a jazz club. Wally's Cafe has jazz all year long everyday and we got to see a group of kids from Berkeley that killed the jazz game. I was so entranced by the beats and sounds they could create bouncing off one another.  We also went to the reflecting pool over by Prudential and talked. It is so pretty over there so I want to bring Lili back to see what a little oasis I got to see on Friday.

On Saturday, I wanted to go the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I heard all about the glass flower exhibit and I had to see if before I leave Boston. It was so worth it! The intricacy of the flowers is amazing. I could not believe that this was all made of glass over 50 years ago. There was no technology and what the father son team that created it could do with what they had is astounding.

I think the best part of the museum was the glass sea creatures. I loved this jellyfish and how delicate yet real it looked. Look at the tentacle detail - so neat!

After the museum, I got lunch at the Harvard Coop and read some books there. I wanted to relax after all the walking in the museum and the Coop was the perfect spot. Right before my yoga class, I walked over through Harvard to get to the little studio. I bought a Groupon a while back and I wanted to use it before I left. I got 5 class at this studio for $29. SUCH A GOOD DEAL. 

The class was a Vinyasa class but with all the people it was more like a hot Vinyasa class. I learned a lot about my body strength and was really proud to master side crow. For those who don't know, it takes a lot of balance and also lining your parts up right to be able to get the pose. That left me in a really good mood!

After this, I went over to Newbury to get a smoothies or something cold. I also wanted to hit up Forever 21 for a dress for Lili's birthday weekend. I didn't find anything I loved so the search continues. For dinner, I got Sweetgreen. OMG. The basil blueberry lemonade is the best thing ever after walking in the heat. I got the guacamole green salad with citrus shrimp rather than chicken. It was awesome! 

Lili, Jeff and I went to Cape Cod for the day on Sunday! It was the best time ever due to recommendations from my friend Sage. We started out at Kalmus Beach and it was so cute! Lili brought gelato for us which was a fun picnic snack. So many seagulls.

After it started to rain, we got food at Pain D' Avignon. It was divine. Everything there is drool worthy. I had the portobello mushroom salad - with no roasted red peppers, a cranberry scone and a cappuccino. YUM!

After that, we talked around downtown Hyannis and saw the souvenirs. Then we went to Sea Street Beach. After a ton of eating, we headed home and hit no traffic. I cannot wait to go back there one day.

I can't believe the good fortune in my life to make good friends and see such beautiful things. I am truly blessed.

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