Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MIT, ICA and Yoga

Saturday started out like any good Saturday should start. I was sleeping in, cuddled up in my blankets with the AC blasting and reading a book. I headed into Boston to go to the MIT Museum and hit my yoga class.  The MIT Museum was a blast! Being a student, I got in for $5. The bottom floor of the museum is all current research at MIT. I really liked all the research with games and how different aspects effect how well you play. The top floor had all the exhibits and that's where I really loved everything. There is an exhibit on kinetic statues and the two pictures below were my favorite. The top one moved like a snake and snail at the same time. It was so cool to watch! The bottom picture looked like birds flying and the whimsicalness of the whole thing brought a smile to my face!

After I walked out, I had to find something to eat. On my way to the trusty Starbucks,  a train stopped traffic and literally passed 5 feet in front of me. I had never seen that before and I thought it was the coolest thing. The man in the picture hopped off the train to stop traffic and hopped back on after the train got through the intersection. 

After I got my Starbucks - a Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade and a Hearty Rice and Veggie Bowl, I sat in this building at MIT and admired the architecture. The inside of this building was even more gorgeous. One thing that all the colleges in Boston have going for them is the architecture and the grandeur of the buildings. 

I headed to yoga after spending some time in an art supple store. My yoga class had live viola and a great mediation. My instructor Katie has a way with words and uplifting spirits. She really moved me during this class with her mantras and the viola was such a nice touch. It just made the experience so much more spiritual and relaxing. I went home, read some more and went to bed early! 

Sunday was more or less the same. I slept in really late because it is such a luxury to me! I got onto the T and headed to South Boston to go to the ICA or Instititue of Contempory Art. I really wanted to two see The Visitors Exhibit before it left town. On the way to the museum, I got lost but I happened upon the World Trade Center of Boston which I found pretty neat!

The ICA is right on the water and even though it was overcast, it was still a gorgeous building in a great location. The view is top notch - water, boats and lots of Boston skyline. I can see how much fun it would be to attend a Summer Friday there! 

The main exhibit on the 4th floor is all of Jim Hodges' work. He is a contemporary unlike anything that I have seen before. His work changes into all sorts of ideas and ways. His main mediums change as his mind does. I love that his work really explains his life or something in the world that he had to share. It really inspired me as an artist to share my experiences with people who want to know. The work below is one his mirror pieces - he had a series of work with mirrors when he had a change within himself. 

The other great exhibit at the museum is The Visitors. OMG. Artists in different room that can only ear each other through microphones are filmed making music together that bribes through your bones and haunts your brain. It is so gorgeous and raw and real that I cannot describe how much I loved it. Each artist has their own vibe and feeling on their own screen but hearing them together - wow. Something about improv and how one person can influence another creates the most authentic music. The accordion, cello and guitar just strike your soul. If you have a chance, before September 2nd or can find a piece online, please listen to the beauty. 

After that experience, I went up to Harvard because that's where my yoga class is and explored some more. There is so much in that area that I had to go see more. I got a snack at the Harvard Coop and bought a book! I brought my new book to this little area and read for a couple hours before yoga. It was glorious, drowsy and simple. Exactly how I like to spend my time outside. I had a restorative yoga class at 6 so I headed over after my zen reading time. I found this dancer while walking to class. Her pose is just perfection.

Restorative Yoga was rough but so good. It was hard because we really had to get deep into each stretch and use our own strength to restore our body. We also used a lot of props to make the pose what we needed it to be. I love getting to know my body through yoga. There is so much to do with one's body that doesn't have to pollute it and yoga is one of those things that helps to nourish it back to it's full potential. I've really enjoyed doing yoga this summer and bought a hot yoga class Groupon for when I go back to school. I cannot wait to make sure my yoga craving is satisfied and sweat out all the stress at school.

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