Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Weekends and Whirlwind of A Week

Posts have been sparse and I apologize for that. I literally worked 10-12 hour days during my internship, went to sleep and woke up to do it again. Then I had a week to sort out my life before I had to go back to school and had a crazy weekend before I could start class. Finally, I am done with my internship and move-in and I have so much to share.

The weekend before my last week of work, I had a ton of fun. I really just tried to eat and do everything that is my favorite in Boston! Saturday, I spent the day in Boston Common, eating Sweetgreen and finishing up The Power of Habit. It was such a peaceful day.

Sunday, I wanted to go back to the Charles River and really explore that area before I left. It was worth all the confusion of trying to cross the road that separates the housing from the little park. Look at that view! I read my book, ate a little ice cream and just relaxed.

I worked two crazy days. Then, I flew to Dallas early Wednesday morning, went to my company's headquarters and met a ton of great people who inspired me to really consider working there. Below is a picture of me at Headquarters - the pond behind me has koi, turtles and catfish. It was so gorgeous and nice that the space is preserved so well that nature can creep up very close the the buildings.

Thursday was the dreaded regional presentation in front of RVPs and all of my fellow region interns. I was second to last in the order of presentations, hadn't slept due to nerves and practicing but I killed that presentation. I might have said my team at work were my bffs to the RVPs (covers eyes and hides). Below is a picture of Lili and I's relieved smiles that we sent our managers. I did hear that my project was one of the best in the region and that really made me happy that I helped make my team happier at work. 

Lili and I came home and went right back to work the next day. MY LAST DAY! Jesus Christ. I loved working there this summer. I went to Boston one last time with Lili and we had a low key time. California Pizza Kitchen, Christian Science Reflecting Pool and showing her some cute spots for her date the next day were the name of the game. 

I packed to come home on Saturday. SO MUCH CLOTHES. After driving home, I ended up at a family party seeing people I haven't seen since New Years. I was so happy to see all of them, especially the boy I've know since he was born is now a young man! How time flies!

Last week before going back to school, I focused on organizing and going through my stuff! It was really good to donate like three garbage bags full of clothing and pare down what I'm bringing to school this year. I also got matching teal bins (GO TARGET), more furniture and just a general sense of neatness for the school year.

When I had to leave for school Friday and that was a doozy! I had to move in at 7:30 pm on Friday, drive to Virginia and back for a NSBE conference and then train for work on Sunday.  Below is a picture of my fellow NSBE End Zone Presidents. They are the sweetest group of guys!

Late Sunday, I had to have a house meeting with my roommates and just generally get ready for the first day of school. Before I knew it, it was 1 am and I needed to get some sleep! In this crazy time, I dropped my phone in the sink and then basically had no phone for a couple days. Rice saved the day but I secretly kind of liked now being available.

I will be back to regular posting this week and I am so pumped to share some of the things I've been working on for the blog. Expect some cool game day outfit posts, guest posts from some of my friends as well as some more engineering lifestyle content. It's been a busy summer but I really love writing this as a creative outlet and I thank the people who actually read my posts. Y'all are the best. 

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