Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Fall Style Essentials

My Fall Essentials

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I'm excited to pull out my fall clothing like riding boots and big sweaters. Here's a quick roundup of what I tend to wear during the fall and some easy combinations of things to wear to class when you don't want to leave your warm comfy bed. 

The chill in the fall mornings can really shock you. I think that having good jackets keeps me warm when walking to my early morning classes. My J Crew downtown field jacket was one of the best purchases I've made. It has a ton of pockets and looks great layered over a dress or with jeans and a cute top. I also love that it's lightweight but it still keeps me pretty warm. A trench is a classic item to have but I love mine for rainy days. I like to wear it with a big tunic and leggings with super bright rain boots. It's also good for casual days when you need a little something extra for your outfit.

Obviously, pants are a must in the fall. I tend to go with very skinny pants to balance out all the big or chunky sweaters I end up wearing. Dark skinny jeans are a must. I love a midrise or high rise pair because they fit really nicely to my curves. I also bought a pair of skinny maroon pants that I am obsessed with. I love them with a t-shirt as much as I love them with a blouse.

As shirts and sweaters go, I say have a ton of them.  Personally, I live in striped shirts all year round. I have one in basically every thickness and variation possible. I also own a ton of sweaters that are striped. They match everything and they look super classy. For looser or more bohemian outfits, I love a long drapey sweater. I have navy one for outfits with leggings but it looks nice with striped t-shirt dresses when it's a little chilly out. I have a oversized camel sweater and I wear it over everything. It's one of the most used things I've bought this year. In the past week, I've worn it twice. It's casual and it keeps me really warm but it's also subtlety sexy due to the deepish v-neck. Lastly, I think every girl should have a cream cable knit sweater. It goes with everything as well and it layers well with buttondowns.

Shoe wise, I've talked a lot about shoes in this post but here we go again. Riding boots are key and so easy to throw on. Over the knee boots look great with leggings and a big shirt. Pointed toe flats are adorable for everything (here are some I have) and Sperry's are for every other thing I have to go to on campus. I never bought a more comforatble pair of shoes than my Sperry's.  Before coming back to school, I bought this pair of wedged desert boots and I am obsessed with them. The color is something I've never really bought before and they add a cool elegance to most outfits.

Accessories wise, I keep most of my things the same. Dainty jewelry or watches work well all year round. I do love a huge bow for buns. I put all my hair up really high with a braid that has a bow right underneath the bun. It looks awesome! I also love infinity scarves and scarves in general. I usually go for color in these things because I own and wear mostly neutrals.

Here is a week's worth of outfits for you to try or take some inspiration from!

Monday: Trench, leggings, loose white tee and knee high boots with a bun bow.
Tuesday: Field Jacket, white cable knit, jeans and desert boots.
Wednesday: Striped shirt, scarf, jeans and pointed toe flats.
Thursday: Cable knit, Sperry's, Maroon Pants and Field Jacket.
Friday: Camel Sweater, leggings, Sperry's and Field Jacket,

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