Thursday, November 13, 2014

My School Bag Essentials

If there is a person who is completely dependent on what they carry, that would be me. I usually go 5-6 hours before going home to eat but when I know I don't even have that time, what I carry in my bag for the day is extremely important. I carry all of school things in my large Bilberry Longchamp. It's seriously the best bag. It fits so much stuff and it is super stylish. These are my school staples.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner - I plan all of my readings, tests and events in this book. It is color coded and super large (I bought the jumbo) and it makes planning super easy. 

Pencil Case - I bought a three pack of makeup bags from Fossil and I use them to organize my Longchamp. This one holds my calculator, pencils,,pens, erasers, stapler and a pack of thank you notes. 

Emergency Bag - I carry a bag of all my little things that help me avoid emergency. I will do a separate post on that but mainly it has minis of all my favorite products. 

Notebook - I use a notebook to make a week by week list of what I need to do on the Sunday of the week. I carry it everywhere, crossing off everything I can get done or updates to my assignments. 

IPad mini and stylus - I use this to take all my notes, send emails and store all my textbooks! It's really useful and I'm glad my parents got me one. I can do post on how I take notes and how it has changed my life more in depth. 

Snack Bag- I always carry two Kind bars, an apple and some sort of protein bar with me during the day. If I have time to make lunch, I will carry that too but usually I wait until I come home to eat a meal or find something free on campus. 

Water Bottle - I love water bottles because we have filtered water bottle fillers all over campus that students can fill up at during the day. It makes life easier to be hydrated and stay healthy which is why Penn State installed them. 

Work Shirt (not pictured) - I work on campus and I love to pick up shifts so I carry my shirt most of the time to make sure that I can make the most money possible. J. Crew is expensive! 

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