Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cupcake Tour

During Thanksgiving week, I told my mom I got us tickets for a cupcake tour on Groupon as a treat. I love to treat her or my dad because they always treat me! It was a blast and I wanted to share a couple photos and talk about some of the lovely treats I had. 

The first stop was at Baked by Melissa - a chain that was designed to be recession proof. Each cupcake is a dollar and they are delicious! I ended up with the mini of the month which was Cornbread and it was love! I hope they have it again next November!

Our next stop was Crumbs and we loved it! The cake was really moist, the flavors were different and the icing was not too sweet. Pictured above was a cookie dough cupcake mini. 

Our next stop was Amarino - an organic gelato place only found in major cities around the world. We sampled a mango gelato and it was awesome! My mom and I are dying to go back and try everything. 

We walked to Washington Square Park and we could see the Arc and the Freedom Tower at either end. Great photo taking place if you are ever in the city. 

Our next stop was at Bisous Ciao for salted caramel macarons. TO DIE FOR. Very sweet but good with something really bitter like strong coffee or tea. 

Our next stop was at Milk and Cookies for a salted oatmeal cookie with white chocolate and toffee bits. It was really sweet but I ended up saving mine for the ride home because I wanted to save room our last stop!

Our last stop was at the famous Magnolia Bakery. It was really good  - we had red velvet minis and I went home with banana pudding and a snicker-doodle cupcake. I highly suggest this cupcake tour to anyone who has 2 hours in the city and loves sweets!

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