Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Career Tips: On Site Interviews (Flying or Driving)

Interviewing has become something necessary for my life. If you want a good job with a really good company, chances are that you will be through several rounds of interviews. Usually, the last one is an onsite interview. Usually, you are flown to the city or they will reimburse you for gas to drive yourself to the site. If it is really far, they will put you in a hotel overnight before sending you back home or keep you in a hotel the night before the interview. The two companies that I final interviewed with both sent me the reservations and everything goes super smoothly on the travel side though the rest is all up to you.

In my experience with this, there are several things that will make your life easier.

1. Always pack your bag for the day with a snack, touch up makeup, a brush and a book. You never know how long you will be waiting for, what weather could mess up your face or hair and how hungry you get when waiting for lunch to be served.

1*. Always pack your liquids even if you aren't sure it is a liquid in a bag. I saw a woman get her whole purse taken apart basically by TSA and it made me sad to watch. Don't let that be you. Check the MyTSA app if you have any questions.

2. Iron all of your clothing the day before. If driving, change a Starbucks or cafe 10 minutes out from the site. If flying, wear your suit on the plane but carry a lint roller or a piece of duck tape (tape together, pull apart and make a ring, patting at all of the visible lint you can see).

3. I always wear flats and a pants suit. Usually in engineering, on site interviews mean some sort of plant tour and you cannot wear heels or a skirt in the plant. There is always the risk of ripping pantyhose when wearing a skirt suit and if you don't carry a replacement, you are out of luck.

Good luck, but I know most people don't need it. If you show that passion you have for the job, you are the easiest choice they will make all year long.

P.S. Don't get nervous! They probably love you already and just want to make sure the person they met on the phone is the same in person :] 

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