Monday, February 23, 2015

150 Calorie Cheese Dip and Tostitos Rolls

I love anything involving melted cheese. But being that I am on a more healthy eating streak, I didn't want to ruin my day with some Velveeta and other junk. I also picked up these Tostitos Rolls the other day and they are perfect for dipping! So to enjoy my rolls and not break my diet, I made a healthy version of my favorite cheese dip! 

You'll need:

2 pieces of Low Fat or Lite Cheese - I used Lite Cheddar from Trader Joe's but Lite Colby Jack would be awesome too! 

1-2 tablespoons of Salsa - depends on how thick you like your dip (Thick = closer to 1)

A small ceramic bowl - keep the dip liquid longer 

A little cooking spray 

Chip of your choice to dip! Another way to enjoy would be maybe with some zucchini or carrot chips.


1. Spray your bowl with a little cooking spray so it will be easy to clean! 

2. Break up the one piece of cheese into very small squares. 

3. Place about half the salsa over the cheese.

4. Break up the other piece of cheese and top with salsa. 

5. Microwave the bowl with your goodness in it, stirring the cheese every 15-20 seconds until it is all melted! 

6. Enjoy! 

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