Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fitbit Flex Review

In the same vein as my post on Monday, I am really into my health as a college age girl. I like the size that I wear currently and really try to make sure that I am doing my body right with what I eat and how I treat it. This Christmas, I asked for a Fitbit Flex and I am obsessed.

For those who do not know what a Fitbit Flex is, it is basically a pedometer that can track your steps for the day, distance, sleep and activity. It's awesome! I have mine hooked into MyFitnessPal and it really is doing wonders for me to be more cognizant of what I am eating, doing and my sleep patterns.

It costs about $100 and it comes with two bands in the same color- a small band and a large band. I use the small band because I like that it has very little overlap on my wrist. Most of the women I know use the small band. I have the original band my Fitbit came with - slate as well as the classic pack (as seen above - royal blue, red and the other one is navy.)

Using the Fitbit is simple. You charge it up, sync it to the app and get to stepping! I use mine to track three main things for the day - my calories burned, miles walked and steps for the day. I have a goal of 5 miles to be walked, 12,000 steps and at least 2000 calories burned a day. I usually hit it but that is due to walking a lot as school.

For example, this past week, I hit all my goals on Wednesday. I really love my Fitbit because it allows me to take a more active role in my fitness. I track what I eat through MyFitnessPal and then using this, I can track my daily walking that is converted into calories. I have a very accurate view of how much I am taking in vs. putting out. It also challenges me in my daily life to do more. To make sure I hit my step goal, I tend to take more stairs or go to bars with more dancing to burn off all that excess calories a girl can get from drinking sugary drinks. It's a great present for any college age girl or for anyone who likes to challenge themselves to keep fit or at least know what is going on in their body!

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