Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

New Restaurant in State College // Primanti Brothers. Originally a Pittsburgh sports bar, they just opened one downtown and I am obsessed! My girls and I went for a quick dinner before happy hour at our favorite bar. I had the fried zucchini, which had parsley, parmesan and lemon with marinara. It was so good! I had a Drunk Duck with comes with a little duck that you can keep. One of my roommates has a mission to get as many little ducks as possible. KW had this iced tea that was pomegranate flavored and so good - I will try that next time we go back because there will be a next time - so good! 

Favorite Food on Campus // Roasted Eggplant Soup from Au Bon Pain. I had this soup the other day and it was so good. It's also low salt and a ton of other good things for your body but it has a real meaty taste to it surprisingly! 

Favorite J. Crew Purchase // I bought this shirt for $6. It's Christmas themed but I love the idea of it! (Sorry for sending it home, momma!)

Favorite Book // I am currently reading this book on Game Theory mashed up with life! I got a ton of books from a book scholarship that I needed to use up from the Engineering College. I am really excited to dig into some of those this weekend while everyone is doing Valentine's Day up! It's nice to have time for me after these crazy past few weeks. Plus, I really love learning things other than things from school... It's so nice to build my knowledge in areas I am not strong. 

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