Monday, March 23, 2015

MOMA and The Smith

The MOMA is a classic. I have been there before but had to go and do all of the new things. They have a new exhibit on Bjork which was awesome. I saw her new song that the MOMA commissioned her to do. It was sick! It was called Black Lake and you have to check it out! I'm not sure when it goes online but when it does - I will post the link!

Art wise: my favorites are above - A new artist's take on Chinese fables and war, The Sydney Opera House =  circular sections, a 3D printed dress, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, and Jackson Pollock.

After a thrilling morning at the MOMA,  I headed to The Smith Midtown for lunch. I had heard about it on Instagram (my usual place for restaurant recommendations) and headed over to have lunch there.

Started as an American brasserie, it has a play of classic food with new flavors. It was pretty chill people wise at 2 pm and absolutely gorgeous because it's mainly a bar with really good food. If you are looking for something fun and want somewhere great to eat - head here! I went for lunch and the menu is pretty much the same there during the day or night but changes for brunch. I will make it to brunch sometime!

I was kind of obsessed with the menu - the font is old school and the descriptions though breif, are really spot on. Sometimes with restaurants, I have no idea what I am getting but this time - it was pretty clear! 

I started with the cucumber ginger ale. It was really good! I want to make something like this at home for the summer time because it was really refreshing! After ordering, I dug into my book! Expect a review soon but it was awesome! 

I had the Trout Schnitzel for lunch. It was on a smush of cauliflower puree, with fingerling potatoes, and had picked veggies on top. It was the perfect combination between crunchy, salty, smooth and tart. I ended with a cappuccino because Mom and I were going to the opera and I needed energy!

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal! I heard really good things about the Brussel Sprouts and the portobello fries - so if you go, please let me know if you enjoy them.

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