Monday, March 16, 2015

Natural Makeup for Class

I rarely wear a ton of makeup because I am not really that good at it. I wear a small amount everyday except Fridays (I work all day and I don't see the point). I also wear a little makeup when I look really haggard the morning after an all nighter or late night study session or when I have a huge presentation later in the day or meeting with a company.  Usually, I go out on the later days in the week and weekends so I try to wear something that transitions well from day to night. I find that wearing mostly a neutral look makes it easy to transition to night time fast. Regardless of when I am wearing makeup, I have a pretty simple routine and I wanted to share it to help my other makeup inept friends. (WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER)

Selfie Central over here but my usual look for class :]

Usually, I just try to first conceal the bags under my eyes from not sleeping. I use Iman Cover Cream that I think is concealer - I use it like that at least - and then layer powder over it.

After, I usually use powder on my eyelids to help look more alert - I use it like eyeshadow. After, I will put a thin line of eyeliner on my top lids. For night, I will usually wing out the liner and make sure my brows look super good by tweezing and trimming the hair a little.

Last, I layer a little pink lip stain if I look pale or a swipe of nude pink lipstick with chapstick to make my lips look a little pink. For night, I will darken the lip stain or put on some lipstick. I am much better at lipstick than anything else so I usually go for more dramatic lips when I need to dress up my usual routine.

It's not much but enough to make me feel a little more polished for class and meetings. It also transitions well because I try not to put too much makeup on so that it does not melt or smear through the day. 

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