Sunday, March 29, 2015


After a morning at the Guggenheim and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, I had to go to Sarabeth's - the last of my instagram recommendations in the Upper East Side. It is most famous as a place that makes great muffins and jam. Sarabeth's jam is sold all over the country in specialty shops or even at Marshall's but it all started in NYC.

The branding of the restaurant is awesome! I love the combinations of fonts and color. I had a cup or the raspberry herbal tea to start my meal!

For lunch, I had the salmon cobb salad and it was awesome! I would recommend it to everyone because the fish is not that fishy so most people would love it. The dressing was really good, too!

I brought home muffins for my mom and dad. I had this lovely brioche and got these adorable mini jams to bring back to school. We all agree that they were really good - expensive but really good for breakfast! I recommend this place for more of the women who might read my blog - it is really cute and perfect for catching up with a friend or discussing what you just saw at a museum. 

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