Friday, April 3, 2015


This year's NSBE conference is my last as a student and the best one I have ever attended. I cannot believe this year has blown by so fast but we are at the beginning of April and we have been planning for this since August! Our travel there was a little shaky with an late bus and rescheduled flights. We got on the plane and I got to take this awesome plane picture! 

We stayed at the fabulous Anaheim Hilton where I had a suite to share with 2 other girls. We had a nice view and the bathroom was gorgeous! If you have a conference, staying in the Hilton was a great idea because it was adjacent to the center and it had a great Starbucks inside to get coffee in the morning and a ton or restaurants downstairs with different types of cuisine - I had Baja Fresh one night and I forgot how much I loved it!

After getting settled in, we celebrated my 22nd birthday with a dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory. I had the Pinapple Moscow Mule and it was awesome! For those who will ask, I wore an old dress from TJ Maxx with a strappy back and a cute pattern. I love TJ Maxx for cute little dresses. 

Thursday's conference day started bright and early. It was so gorgeous and I was in love with the palm trees everywhere and the bright blue sky! During the day, I wore a J.Crew navy cotton suit with a blue shirt and Madewell flats. I went to an awesome workshop on cyber security and another on failed startup lessons. I really enjoyed the differences between the two speakers and the way they approached the topic. 

At night, we went out as a group into LA, where I had my first French 75 cocktail (goal of mine) and had a great time with my chapter minus one person. Aren't we an adorable group? 

The next day, Friday, started with unintentional matching between my vice president and I. We voted on the  regional positions and I attended a great workshop on social activism within engineering and another one on female business women.  For lunch, we had these great fish tacos from the gourmet food truck. The chipotle cream sauce was amazing. We had a great time meeting a ton of professionals and other chapters. 

On Saturday after our morning sessions, we went to Huntington Beach. It was so nice to be in the sand and the water. This was my first time in the Pacific Ocean and I was so so so excited to finally be on the actual West Coast. 

The night before we left featured the Golden Torch Awards. It was awesome to see all of the awesome technical professionals. They really opened my eyes to what I could do with my career andI could not be more excited. I am really considering a Phd in engineering management. Above is a picture of some of my zone presidents and our tiny but adorable coordinator. It was a pleasure working with them this year and I cannot wait to see what we all do in our careers.

Overall, I had a great time and I cannot wait to go back to California sometime this summer. Next year, our conference is in Boston, MA and I cannot wait to show my college friends around town.

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