Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blender Smoothie Trick

A couple of weeks ago, I read on the internet somewhere that the mouth of a mason jar is the same size as the base of a standard blender. I love smoothies but hate cleaning out the blender so this was possibly life changing to make clean up a breeze. One morning, I tried this and it was true! I made this great smoothie - recipe below- and now I have an easy way to make breakfast without a ton of clean up. There are couple of things to remember with this life hack though, so read carefully! 

1. Make sure that the sealing ring for the blender is tight to the mouth of the jar. I found I had some leakage the first time I tried this because I did not get the seal right and lined up.

2. Make sure that you put smaller pieces of ice or berries because there is not a lot of space for all of the smoothie to move. Crushed ice works way better than cubes but I imagine small cubes would work well. 

3. Make sure to twist the white connector to the base really tight to the jar and sealing ring. This makes sure that you can get the maximum amount of smoothie mixing power! 

On to the recipe!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

1 banana - ripe is better
¼ a cup of milk
⅓ cup of yogurt - I like vanilla
A glop of chocolate syrup or a ⅓ cup of un sweetened cocoa powder - depends on my mood
2 tablespoons powdered peanut butter or the real stuff - I use real syrup and powdered Pb or real PB and powdered cocoa depending on what I am in the mood for that day
2 ice cubes crushed

1. Blend together on low for 1 minute, then high until smooth looking and you don't here any grinding in the jar!

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