Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Almost time for me stop eating steamed sweet potatoes but I love them!

Packing // Packing is the bane of my existence because I have way too much stuff and I am terrible at getting rid of things unless I am in a serious cleaning mood. Packing up my college bedroom for the last time has been terribly nostalgic but I have so many pairs of shoes that my brain hurts! 

Makeup Goals// Colourpop Highlights and they swatched all the colors! I want Teasecake and Tasty as well as a couple other ones!

Dress of the Week // I confess that most days - I avoid wearing pant because why would I wear then when it is warm enough to wear a dress! I love this thick cotton t-shirt dress (it's like wearing a giant gym tee except way more acceptable looking) that I got from Old Navy last year but I am looking for something similar this season. This might fit the bill. 

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