Monday, May 18, 2015

Graduation Photos

As every girl knows, graduation pictures are the name of the game. I am obsessed with how my pictures came out! My friend Malik took my pictures all around campus at my favorite places and I had to share with you all! I wore a standard cap and gown but my dress is old J.Crew that I found on Ebay for a steal! White dresses are adorable but I am a mess so I felt like I would stain it. The navy worked out perfectly!

This picture was taken outside my old dorm while waiting for the Lion Shrine. The Engineering Dorm in Mckee Hall was located in such a good area! 

Laying on the Lion Shrine was a problem because I needed to use my muscles and it was hard. This lion is slippery! 

I love when these pink trees bloom on campus so I am so happy they started blooming right before my pictures! 

I love the idea of shots without my face! This is at Old Main - one of the oldest buildings on campus!

The Duck Pond is one of the places I love to spend time at! I love the flowers and all of the people!

Throwing that cap up at Old Main was the one of the highlights of my college career.

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