Friday, May 29, 2015

Packing for 10 Days in China

I've went on a ton of trips in my lifetime. Packing for cruises, family vacations and conferences are a piece of cake for me. This trip to China, however, has proven to be a challenge of my packing skills. First, I have some important things to dress for - a showcase with the Chinese team as well as a night out in Shanghai. Second, flights on small Asian carriers and big American carriers means completely different baggage limits and weights. The obvious thing to do is carry on but being a chronic overpacker means that I had to consolidate my options and make the most of my wardrobe. Third, I read in a travel guide that it is disrespectful to be dressed too casually or in anything too short so I must be appropriate in what I pack.

 Here is what I packed for 9 days in China.  I had a color palette of mostly blue and cream with a few deviations for fun to ease my matching. I will divide this post into 5 sections: dresses, separates, shoes, accessories and toiletries. 

First, I packed 6 dresses that travel well. Each of these dresses doesn't ride up, hit me mid thigh or lower and will not stick to me too much when it is gross outside. Temperatures are expected to be mid 80s and humid so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. 

For separates, I packed a blazer for the one business professional day. I also packed a white tee shirt, blue tank top and a blue tunic. I also packed three patterned skirts to mix and match with the three tops. These separates will work perfectly for nights as well as our excursions during the day. 

For shoes, I stick to a similar color palette. All neutral shoes for ease of maximum matching. The wedges are for the night time. Flats and sneakers are perfect for the day as well as Jack Rogers for comfort. I always switch my shoes halfway through long walking days to make my feet super comfortable. 

I packed very little accessories because I reuse everything on my trips. I will use my Longchamp bag most of the trip to contain all of things. I brought a small bag to go out at night or for day trips where I can leave my things in the hotel. I also packed various earrings for my different outfits - a couple of sparklier ones for the night and classic pearls for the day time. I also packed a statement necklace for the night time and the tassel necklace for a little pop! 

Lastly, I try to bring products that will do double duty with me and are tiny. The shave gel can be used wet or dry to ensure smooth legs. I love Dr. Bronner's for washing clothes in the sink as well as body wash. It also makes great shampoo and can be used as toothpaste in a pinch. Hair conditioner can be used as product for my natural hair and face cream is great as a thick foot cream when you are super dry. 

Hopefully, all of these things will be super helpful in my trip and I cannot wait to get to China!

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