Wednesday, May 20, 2015


My sister started a charity when she was in high school called Light the Candle. Through her charity work, she is afforded so many opportunities and this time I got to tag along. She was invited to the TEDxTeen conference for the second year in a row and I was her guest. It was really cool to see her in action while networking and see something so inspiring. 

When we got to the Scholastic Auditorium in NYC, we were greeted by a ton of happy faces and free breakfast from Whole Foods. They catered the whole event and I tried so new things which was awesome. In the same room, they gave out this free book, which I will review, which was awesome because leadership books are always so interesting to read. 

We sat in the auditorium for the three sessions of about 1.5 hours each. I loved being in the main auditorium and seeing the set up of the whole process. I went to TEDxPSU but this was another level of professional that I cannot believe. The tech guys and the camera guys were amazing! I also loved all the live demos and the energy in the room. It was electric! 

During the conference, there were several events called breakout sessions to learn new skills. I went to two of them. First, I went to the session on Social Media by the lovely Jackie O of the Huffington Post twitter account. I learned some new tricks for my professional twitter as well as instagram. There are so many ways to engage people right now that my mind is blown but I cannot wait to see what becomes popular. Apparently, Ocho and a live feed of video is what is upcoming! 

The second breakout session I attended was for The Prinkshop. They make socially aware t-shirts and tote bags to support causes like pro-choice, fresh foods for people and women presidents. It's a really cool space and I cannot wait to show the shirt I made with them on here in a little while. 

There were so many inspirational talks. Check out these awesome boards that were created while everyone was talking. (If you open the picture in a new tab and use the zoom feature, they are easier to read!) My favorite three were Dave Fontenot on Hackathons, Mijir Garimella on nature influencing science, and Eesha Khare on how dancing makes you better at everything. They all were so dynamic and I will share the links on here as soon as I have them. I had a wonderful time and I learned so much! Thanks Jordan and TEDxTeen for a wonderful day full of inspiration. Check out Friday's post for my outfit! 

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