Monday, July 27, 2015

Local Specialties I Love

Something I love about summer is that there is fresh produce and new shops opening at the Farmer's market. I recently went to the farmer's market and learning the ropes around town tour with my awesome landlord. We got some fresh veggies and fruit which was awesome but I loved the local shops she brought me to during the day. There is a huge push for local shopping here in Louisville and being one of the foodie capitals of the US, we have a ton of stores to make your food at home taste as good as a restaurant.  Here's a little guide to the places that make a weekday meal extra special.

Lotsa Pasta - a local chain that makes fresh pasta and pick up meals for busy families 
I love their: Lemon Pepper pasta and meatless options at the store

Zi Olive- a local store serving up flavored balsamic and olive oils for a decent price
I love their: white balsamic vinegars like the white pineapple or dark balsamic like the caramel for swirling into greek yogurt - such a decadent treat!

Pensey's Spices - a chain store with every spice you can think of for great prices - you can get great amounts for less than $5
I love their: dried cilantro, herbs de provence, lemongress, powdered lemon and more 

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