Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nespresso Convert

I have had a Keurig for years! I got as a going to college present from my mom. It worked super well in the dorm to make ramen, hot chocolate and coffee or tea. After it started smoking in my apartment here in Louisville, I realized the search for a new coffee machine was on. 

I knew that I wanted something that made espresso as well as coffee but I wasn't sure if I wanted the ability to make lattes in my new coffee maker. I was really stuck between the newest Keurig iteration and a Nespresso. The Keurig had almost everything I wanted but it was kind of bulky for what I need it for. What sold me on the Nespresso was that it was compact and easily portable. Moving for my rotational program every 6 months means that I need to have stuff that packs into the boot of my car well. 

Before I even got my Nespresso, I was in love with the selection of coffees that are offered. I got pretty much every light roast or low intensity coffee they make. I can say my favorites are Carmelito and Vanillo but they are all delicious! 

They come in sleeves of 10 that fit perfectly into my cabinet! I love that the sleeve match the colors of the cups inside and are labeled so I can quickly tell what I want to grab in the cabinet. The customer service is awesome, too. I had one capsule that was crimped in one of my packs and they mailed me a whole new sleeve, for free with rushed shipping. They also answer all of my questions when I call the hotline on how to reprogram the amount of water in each shot. 

Along with my Nespresso Inissia, I bought a Secura Electric Milk Frother and Warmer as well as a carousel for my Grand Crus (Nespresso Capsules). Both have intergrated right into my kitchen nook where I used to keep my Keurig. I also hung up the description of the capsules so that I can have exactly what I'm craving when I make a coffee. It's been really helpful because I do not know what colors match what flavors yet. 

My first homemade latte was a success and I have enjoyed many more since then. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite purchases of this year.

There are only two cons about the Nespresso. First, it is super loud! It was shocked the first time I ran it. Second, the two button system is a little confusing. The instructions are easy to use but there are only two buttons on the whole coffee maker. 


  1. I have both a nespresso and a keurig, and I love them both equally! It's hard to decide, but the nespresso does make amazing espresso.

    1. True! I think I might get a Keurig once I settle down out of traveling for work. The cups are everywhere which makes having one so much easier.

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