Wednesday, July 29, 2015

new obsession: Anthropologie Latte Mugs

Every year it seems, Anthropologie comes out with a new form of the Latte Bowl they are famous for on Instagram and everyone's home.  Last year, they came out with a mini latte bowl which I made a post about because I use them for everything - dips, snacks and dipping sauce. 

This year, they came out with a mug that is sold in stores as well as plates, platters and pitchers available online. I love this mug because it is a nice size like the bowl but has a handle which makes a it a little easier to drink out of when making tea or hot chocolate. I do use my bowls for lattes and cappuccinos but this mug is perfect for hot chocolate, plain coffee or tea.  You can pick it up online (4 for $24) or in the store for $8. I already have two but I would love more #rotationalprogramproblems.

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