Monday, August 3, 2015

Nord's Bakery

Living in Louisville, I love to try the new places but one that I have fell in love with is Nord's Bakery. It's been in Louisville forever due to its cheap prices and delicious donuts. Everyone here brings Nord's for their out of town guests to try while the out of owners try to figure out ways to get people to bring them Nord's. If that wasn't enough endorsement for me to try it, a couple of girls in the rest room at a bar is. 

I got a selection of their most famous donuts - a maple bacon long john, a toasted nut long john, a glazed long john, a butter cream, vanilla frosted and chocolate frosted. I don't eat meat but I heard from my best friend that it was one of the best donuts she ever had. 

I had the toasted nut long john and then for a back later the butter cream. The tnlj for short, was awesome! I loved the texture of the nuts with the light fluffy donut. It paired perfectly with some coffee and some Food Network. The butter cream is butter cream frosted and filled. It was the best sugar high I have ever had, and I've eaten a lot of sugar in my time on this earth.  If ever in the area, it's a must stop for breakfast or dessert. If not in the area, con one of the Louisville people into bringing you some. It's that good. 

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