Friday, September 25, 2015

Indianapolis Museum of Art

The entrance walkway is gorgeous!

I love this type of art but the more square style dots really got me excited!

Anything glass like this is super cool because I would never be able to do this!

Lunch was a crab cake burger and some spinach artichoke soup with a chai latte.

I loved my favorite dots with a fun industrial design twist!

I love this! I wish I could get one for my future home and mount it on the wall!

Far out space dog was so cool! It's actually a couch. 

All of this is made of paper!

This is made out of like a plastic metal sheet like how you make paper flowers!

Super gorgeous - I love boats and mobilus strips so the combo was super cool to me!

The museum grounds are gorgeous but I loved this little area - stood here for a little to meditate!

The silver exhibit was awesome and this ice cream bowl screams life goals to me.

This greenhouse almost convinced me to buy a plant - but we all know it would die :[

A wonderful day was spent exploring the many floors of the museum, eating a fabulous lunch outside in the garden, exploring the grounds and estate of the founders of the museum and going to the greenhouse! A must see if you have some time after class like me or are passing through Indianapolis!

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