Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs is one of my favorite brunch spots in Louisville - I've been at least 3 times now and I wanted to give an honest review for those who haven't been yet or want to visit. All three visits for me have been to the Herr Lane location in St. Matthews but I am sure that the food is great at all of the locations.

Wild Eggs specializes in sort of really good breakfast classics as well as a ton of Mexican inspired dishes. In most cases, I go super decadent for breakfast so I usually get Eggs Benedict - I've tried both the Lox and the Vegetarian one - as well as the pancakes or waffles. Everything is fresh, flavorful and a play on a classic dish that you have loved for years.

I would honestly say that it is a great place to go out with family, hungover friends or maybe even a significant other. The only thing that I would tell you - a tip that I have learned the past few visits - go there early before church on Sundays or during the week if you want a short wait time. Otherwise, be prepared to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a table at the Herr Lane location. Happy breakfasting!

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