Monday, May 15, 2017

Allbirds Wool Runner Review

I would preface this post with the fact that I am usually not a sneakers person. I have very flat feet and so a lot of sneakers are not comfortable for me at all. I tend to wear Keds or Converse sneakers when I do wear sneakers because they are pretty flat on the inside of the shoe. I saw Allbirds on a couple of environmental/social conscious forums but I forgot about them until my new friend CP reminded me.

As I am in SF for a couple of weeks, I went to the concept store and fell in love. First of all, they have a gorgeous little concept store in a hipster alley in SF. It's light, airy and it displays the shoes in a fun way. You see all the models and colors available on these neat bookshelves. Someone at the store will bring you different sizes - in my case, I wear a women's 11 so I tried on men size 9 and 10 shoes. The men's size 10 was more comfortable for me. I tried on the gray and the black but decided ultimately on the black because they look a little more formal - I can wear them to work or for play.

I ordered them online as they did not have them in-store and they came in a neat box that uses less packaging. I am in love with them!  You do not need to wear socks with them as the merino wool allows your feet to breathe. They feel like wearing socks and stepping on clouds. I walked up and down Nob Hill, all around the Financial District and went to a networking event in them without any pain or discomfort. I also wore them for a hike in Eastern CA that was relatively easy and they performed awesome! I highly recommend these sneakers to women on the go and travelers.


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