Monday, November 20, 2017

Taylor's European Travel Guide

I wanted to write a post I've visited about each place individually but that would be a lot of small posts of my travels. Instead, I condensed all of my travels into one long post with places I visited while in each place and one tip for going to that area. Enjoy!

South Tyrol:

Where I Stayed: Apartment in Town but most people who come for work stay at the Langehof
Where to Eat: Rizen Brau for food,  Capuzina for nightlife, and St. Georgen Beach for relaxing
Tip: This is a ski town so make sure to go to the Kronplatz and the Messner Mountain Museum.

Drei Zinnen
Where I Stayed: Day Trip but I heard camping in this area is fun!
Where I Ate: I got a sandwich from the Rifugio Auronzo  and took this with me on my walk!
Tip: There is a long flat path or a long hard path - pay attention and take the easy one - not like me.

Where I Stayed: Day trip so no overnight - but there are 3-4 gorgeous hotels on the main square.
Where to Eat: We went to Nadamas & ordered the whole tapas menu - 12 different dishes!
Tip: There is a lot of different cultural food here and shopping as it is the capital city of the region!

Where I Stayed: Quick day trip so no overnight - there are some hotels in the mountains if you dare.
Where I Ate: Coffee at the Refugio Lagazuoi,  Lunch at a mountain hut - warm, filling food!
Tip: It is really cold inside these old Austrian now Italian war tunnels even in summer so wear layers!

Where I Stayed: With good friends in their castle (!) but the Elephant Hotel is quite famous.
Where I Ate: Downtown has many great restaurants but always get the chocolate croissants at Pupp!
Tip: Brixen is known for it's orchards and vineyards so come in the fall to enjoy the bounty!

Lago di Braies
Where I Stayed: Day trip but there is a huge hotel right near the lake with canoe rentals!
Where to Eat: Get sandwiches before the walk around the lake and have a picnic next to the lake!
Tip: Walk around the lake - there is a longer rockier path or a shorter smoother path but both are nice.

Kaltern See
Where I Stayed: Day Trip but many resorts with lakefront areas - we went to Gretl all See for the day.
Where to Eat: We brought a picnic lunch of meats, cheese, bread, and fruits - this is way cheaper!
Tip: Rent a paddleboat - it's like $15 for three hours and totally worth it! Ours even had a slide on it!

Other ST Places I Like: Sauna in Sexton, Issinger Weiher during summer time - after 5, the price is reduced!, and wine shopping at Harpf!


Venice, Italy
Where I Stayed: Silk Road Hostel - so much space for 1 - lockers, great breakfast, and great location!
Where to Eat: I ate a lot of gelato but the best gelato I had was a Fior de Riso from Gelateria FaBIO's. 
Tip: Go to the Venice Film Festival and Peggy Guggenheim museum because both are AMAZING!

Trieste, Italy 
Where I Stayed: Hotel Miramire - awesome! Free parking, great breakfast, super helpful front desk.
Where I Ate: All of tents at the Barcalona are amazing - literally had good sandwiches all weekend.
Tip: Castello Miramare is gorgeous & go for Barcolana - an international boat race with 2,100 boats.

Verona, Italy
Where I Stayed: Day Trip but there are a ton of well priced AirBnbs - stay inside the walls!
Where I Ate: We had a lot of coffee and pizza from various places around the city - all were amazing!
Tip: Take the Free Walking Tour Verona - our guide was amazing (Francesca) & got us great photos!

Lake Garda (Sirimione), Italy
Where I Stayed: I love all of the little B&Bs - Hotel Mauro has free bikes and great breakfast!
Where I Ate: We had amazing ice cream but we ate near the water for dinner - that def is a must!
Tip: Take bikes to get to the historical area and then walk around on foot - it's crowded inside there.

Genoa, Italy
Where I Stayed: Mini Hotel - great location but it is a budget hotel!
Where I Ate: Pizza at Eataly - when the weather is nice, you can sit near the water and eat!
Tip: Go to the Palace Ducale Museum, Aquarium, and the Sea Museum - I really enjoyed all three!

Cinque Terre, Italy
Where I Stayed: Da Baraian in Manarola - twin beds for me and my friend and organic breakfast.
Where I Ate: We ate all over the cities there - best meal was a restaurant with a sea view in Manarola.
Tip: Hike the two trails from Monterosso to Corniglia - the views are amazing for photos!

Florence, Italy
Where I Stayed: Hotel Veneto - nice location but def a budget hotel. Great breakfast!!
Where I Ate: La Prosciutteria - amazing blue cheese and truffle sauce on the sandwiches there!
Tip: Book tickets ahead of time and do one museum a day - really take the time to see everything.

Rome, Italy
Where I Stayed: Street Art B&B outside the city - amazing breakfast and host - right near the metro.
Where I Ate: I ate allover Rome - my favorite was all of the gelato and croissants!
Tip: Take a walking tour - wear comfortable shoes! Be prepared to wait in lines everywhere famous!


Cologne, Germany 
Where I Stayed: Stadhotel am Romenturm - best hotel ever! Great location, safe parking, shopping!
What I Ate: Great restaurant near the hotel called Hase - great fresh food every night from here.
Tip: Go to the Dom as early as you can - it gets really crowded with tourists by 10 am.

Munich, Germany
Where I Stayed: Airbnb in outer circle of Munich - direct bus to the Oktoberfest and way cheaper!
Where I Ate: At the October Fest, there was a smaller stand called Golden Hahn for brunch!
Tip: The beer is very strong so pace yourself & try to see all the tents with beautifully painted insides.

Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwanau, Bavaria, Germany 
Where to Stay: Day Trip but nice hotels in the area - there is very nice hiking in this area too!
Where to Eat: There is good food at the base near the parking - grab something to take with you!
Tip: Do both castles as Neuschwanstein tours fill up quickly if you book tickets late. Wear sneakers!


Oslo, Norway
Where to Stay: We stayed with a friend but the hostels are not badly priced in this region.
Where to Eat: Get a cappuccino al freddo at Tim Wendelboe - so so good! 
Tip: Go to the Munch Museum if you have time - the art is amazing and the cafe inside is also good.

Stockholm, Sweden 
Where to Stay: Airbnb outside the city to save us some money because public transit is awesome.
Where to Eat: Meatballs for the People - great reindeer meatballs and great beer pairings for them!
Tip: Go to the Vasa Museum - take the english tour & awe at this preserved 17th century war ship.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Where to Stay: Airbnb - stayed in Norrebro & it was wonderful to get around the city via walking! 
Where to Eat: Amann's for the famous open face sandwiches and elderflower juice. 
Tip: Go to Tivoli Gardens and sit in the park - people watch, drink beer, and enjoy the atmosphere.

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