Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beauty LOVE: Love the skin you're in.

Instead of my usual graphic full of advice, I thought I would talk about something personal today.
One of my dearest friends had a bit of a meltdown after her boyfriend told her that she looks better without makeup. She cried for a while because that was the first time that anyone had ever told her that. For many people, being comfortable not wearing makeup around new people is very hard. My parents always told me that I am beautiful and that makeup is only there to enhance your beauty, not make it. My mom rarely wears makeup other than a little lipstick for date night or eye makeup for formal events. It's been instilled in me that makeup is not always necessary. The fact that people always wear makeup was something I learned in college, not high school or middle school. (Though I had a fight about eyeliner with my mom in the 7th grade. I looked like a raccoon for a week before I realized I probably didn't need it.)

In light of this sort of revelation, my goal for people on Beauty LOVE Wednesday is to practice not wearing makeup with the people you love. I admit that I look better with makeup on especially when my skin is crummy or my eye bags are heavy but I am comfortable enough not to wear it around my best friends and boys that could be interested in me. I really feel like it adds something to your self esteem to feel that confidence within yourself. Plus then people only see looking better than looking "worse".

P.S. These are pictures of me with no makeup- like 75% of the time at school or at work.
Bags but the gym always makes me glowy!
I tend to not make smiling pictures in photos. Sorry if this is weird hahah :]

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