Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: Food Network Shows Edition

I am literally obsessed The Food Network and cooking. Besides looking good, I love to cook and entertain for the people I love. I get a lot of my inspiration for cooking from recipes I see on the Food Network and adapt it to things I have in my kitchen. I have 6 favorite chefs that always make things that I would enjoy or can adapt to something with no meat.

1. GIADA! I love Giada's take on italian food and healthy food. Majority of the fish recipes that I make are based on things that she has made because she makes fish light and fun which is the best way to make it. I also like how simple the ingredients are because things do not have to be stuffy.

2. INA! I love Ina Garten's take on natural foods and elevating basic dishes into something very elegant. She's actually coming to my area sometime in the fall and I am so mad that I will miss it!

3. ALTON! I love Alton Brown, from Good Eats to now the new host of Cutthroat Kitchen. Everything he does is so scientific or sneaky and I love that! It makes you think and I really appreciate that.

4. The Pioneer Woman is one of my new favorites. I love her freezer recipes and how easy she makes things looks. Plus she blogs! Holler at your fellow blogger :]

5. Sandra Lee is one of my old favorites. Everything she makes is so simple and inexpensive and I love that. She really makes cooking easy for college students because we have no time and no money.

6. Last but not least, the Sandwich Man gives me inspiration for making things for my guy friends. Hearty Sandwiches full of flavor are what everyone wants to eat in the winter.

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