Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Lesson: Keep Old Friends but Make New Ones

I cannot imagine life without my friends. They're like my family but better because I get to pick them. Old friends know you and what you really stand for. New friends have similar interests to you and you click. For me, keeping the balance of making new friends and keeping old friends has been tough. I am constantly busy and I have certain people that I love hanging out with all the time. I also have friends who aren't really my friend anymore and that's alright. What matters to me is that you put in the effort to see and make time with people. That's what friendship is about to me. You make time to bond and laugh and get to know the little things about a person. I was kind of nervous for this upcoming school year with a lot of my good friends studying abroad or going on co-op but my new friends are filling that void quite nicely until my old friends get back. Hopefully, they can all mesh and then we can have some real fun! My goal for you is to really make sure you reach out to old friends and to people you haven't met. Constantly expand your network and see what can happen when you do. You'll never regret it.

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