Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nerdy Inspiration: Neptune's New Moon

This new moon is the first moon to be found near Neptune in over a decade. Scientists stacked images from two satellites to confirm the new moon! I'm kind of a huge astronomy nerd, and even though I will never see it, I'm still super excited.

Nerdy Inspiration: Neptunes New Moon
This outfit was inspired by the beautiful color of Neptune and a breezy summer day. Channel your inner planet, people!

Nerdy Inspiration :: Neptunes New Moon

This outfit takes the color of Neptune, combines it with the darkness of the new moon and the gold from the sun to create a one of a kind look. I really love the earrings and the shoes. I also think a perfectly made up face complements this outfit tremendously.  Hope this helps you get ready in the morning this week!

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