Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recipe: Healthy Snack

Usually, I eat a snack around most people's lunch time. I am much more comfortable eating my lunch around 2 pm than 12 pm. Thus, I make a large snack to hold me over between breakfast and lunch. This week, I have made the same snack everyday. It's simple and easy to make. It also keeps well in a lunch box!

Hummus - I like roasted garlic (I bring mints for work)
Baby Carrots
Cheddar Cheese- however sharp you like it
Rice Cakes - I prefer caramel or cinnamon

1. Clean all of your veggies and fruits.
2. Cut them up accordingly.
3. Place hummus on the plate or in a pretty container.
4. Cut up your cheese or break into bite sized pieces.
5. Enjoy with a diet soda and some TV or if you are at work, a magazine.

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