Friday, August 2, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: Colors Edition

This week, I have been all about the color. I have worn a bright color everyday to make up for the fact that it was absolutely terrible outside. Summer should be nice, don't you think? The accent of color to a neutral outfit is something that cannot be replicated in nature other than maybe a monarch butterfly or a toucan.

My Neutrals:
1. Black is one of my favorite neutrals. Slimming, elegant and classic, I wear it at least 3 or 4 times a week. You can do no wrong or a lot of wrong in black.

2. Cream is my other favorite neutral. White looks really harsh on my skin but cream has a warm tone to it that makes me glow. I really like it paired with browns as well as blacks for a timeless look.

3. Navy is my last favorite neutral. If they do not have black, I buy it in navy. Being a Penn Stater and a nautical lover, navy elevates any outfit into something refined and demure.

My Accents:

4.  I am a huge fan of Corals. It's a universally flattering color and it can evoke the summer time for most people. It also gives a fun girly vibe to an outfit.

5. Teal is another favorite of mine. It provides a nice contrast to my skin and it really makes any outfit pop.

6. Purple is my last favorite accent. Purple represents royalty and wearing it makes me feel very pretty.

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